4th April 2016
4th April 2016
Hi everyone, well, here it is, my ‘after’ photos… after gaining a horrid 26kg’s with my 3rd pregnancy, I honestly did not think it would be possible to ever lose it. I have only lost 20kg in 6 months, so I still have another 6kg’s to go, but I am working on achieving this goal over time, I’m in no rush, I always believe in doing things the right way, so the weight loss is permanent. I will be sharing my full story with everyone soon, but I would like to thank a few special people for helping make this day possible…

Kim Clark – our training session and motivation for each other is second to none! We are both Moms juggling our own businesses, yet we always find time to exercise, and to encourage each other to NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Bernise Bannister – the few leg sessions we did together those early Saturday mornings have helped tremendously as you can clearly see LOL… we need to start those sessions again!!!!

Bodyguru Beauty Salon for making my hair absolutely gorgeous, not to mention my nails!!!

Lente Venter from Lash and Tan who did my tan to ensure I had that sun-kissed look, not to mention the amazing feeling one has when you have a beautiful coloured skin. Please go like her page “Lash and Tan”, and book your session, Lente also does ‘eyelashes’ so be sure to look her up.

Katherine Fluer who is always making my face look absolutely insanely gorgeous with her talented make up!!!! (hiding those dark rings for sleepless nights hehe) Please go like Magic Bikini page and have a look at the most exquisite bikinis designed by her and her team.

To my husband who is always believing in me, always encouraging me, and always telling me I’m not as bad as I think I am. Without his support, I may still be 26kg’s over weight hiding behind closed doors.

Last but not leased… I have to thank the beautiful photographer, Catherine Basson, without her, this image would not look so good, she knows exactly what a ‘model’ wants and how the ‘model’ wants to look! Please go like Catherine’s photography page and browse through her unbelievable talent as a young and up and coming photographer. (You can see her link below this image).

I am very excited to continue my health journey as a Full time Mom, Business owner, Personal training coach, wife and friend but keeping a balance between it all… Stay tuned on this page for my story, and how I lost my weight and how I can help you all achieve your own personal health and fitness goals.

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