Kirstey Calmeyer
13th May 2016
What made you decided to change your lifestyle and body?
Being a Fitness Icon in the industry, and having 3 kids, gaining 30kg’s, I knew that my business my would crumble should I not pick myself up, and attempt to lose my weight. My clients motivated me into wanting to step out of my ‘comfort’ zone and achieve my health goals. My health was at stake, I was very depressed, lost confidence in myself, and became very insecure in my marriage having gained that ungastly weight.

How did you accomplish your goals?
I joined various challenges to try lose my weight, but nothing worked. I just wasn’t committed enough, I called up a good friend Andrew who coaches contest girls, and asked if I should consider doing a come-back as an Amateur and give back my Pro status.. He encourage me to do so, and he and Mario van Biljon helped me prep. I then started gaining self-confidence when I saw the weight drop and started using my own knowledge and experience further. With no disrespect to a top coach in SA, I still thank him every day for helping me get back ME and for helping me lose my weight. If it wasn’t for him, I’d still be hiding in my house. So THANK YOU Andrew!

What did you have to cut out in order to achieve your results? And how did you cope?
I had to start clean eating… that was the hardest because I used to sit and eat a slab of chocolate every day. I cut out sugar, I cut out chips, cut out burgers, pizzas and anything unhealthy. At first it was hard watching the rest of my family eat the ‘bad foods’, but I kept reminding myself how unhappy I was with myself and reminded myself why I am doing this. Once the “penny” dropped, it was nothing for me and I was content eating my fish and salad whilst the family enjoyed pasta etc.

What kept you motivated? And what still motivates you?
Looking at my old pictures definitely helped keep me motivated. BUT, the clients I work with I would say was my biggest motivation. Seeing their progress monthly made me realize that if they can do it, so I can I. My clients still motivate me, the results they get is unbelievable and makes me proud and makes me want to ‘fit in with them’ LOL.

What was your biggest hurdle and how did you overcome them?
My biggest hurdle was juggling my time around my kids, and work and still having to be a “wife”. I eventually found a routine of training mornings after dropping little one off at school, gymming whilst my other one sleeping, so it didn’t interfere.

What or who motivates you to go to gym on days when you don’t feel like going?
My lovely training partner Carey. She waited in the freezing cold mornings for me to pick her up. LOL.

What was your overriding motivation to achieve your goal?
Having to get on stage with the young beautiful girls of today. They truly have set the bar of a high standard and I felt very privileged to stand by their side.

What are some of the highs and lows you experienced being a women in changing your lifestyle
I think the highs were definitely rebuilding my confidence and seeing my muscles coming back. The lows I would say for me personally was how weak I was when I started working out again.

What cheats did you have during your lifestyle change and what cheats do you still enjoy?
I must be honest, I didn’t have that many cheat meals, I know myself, cheat and I can’t stop LOL. But when I did have cheats, I’d have a steak with potato or home-made burger and small dessert like slice milk tart.

How have you progressed? (can be anything from fitness, to strength, eating etc)
I’ve regained my strength PLUS MORE which excites me. My fitness levels increased with the weight training as I didn’t do much cardio. I’m now quite satisfied eating fist size portion meals and have no cravings for chocolates anymore. My sugar levels are balanced and my cholesterol has come down.

Other than the physical changes, what have you found that going through this lifestyle change has helped you in other areas of your life?
The biggest change for me was that my depression was non-existent. I regained my self-confidence. I was less insecure in my marriage, and started going out more frequently. My business too of course made a positive turn around as I am now able to understand what women ‘really’ go through and their challenges they face. I can now say, I been there, done that and can help you get out of your ‘comfort zone’.

What have you learnt from changing your lifestyle?
I learnt that there are no quick fixes, and there is only one way… cut out the junk and you’ll get of the ‘trunk’.

What now after you reached your goals? What are your future health and wellness goals?
I want to increase my strength and energy so that I can play games with my boys… I have two very busy little ones who demand a lot from me, and I’d like to be able to keep up and enjoy them as much as I can.

What tips or message would you like to give readers who might be in the same position as you were?
Speak to me! Tell me your story and let me help you invest in your health!

Anything else you would like to add that you think the readers need to know?
Only if you prepared to make an investment in your health and understand that this is a life time commitment, will you be successful at achieving your health goals. There is no short term fix, once you decide to make this investment, and you understand there is no better investment than in your own health, there is no turning back.

What is your favorite health food dish?
I would have to say, steak, egg and sweet potato wedges.

What is your favorite cheat meal?
Homemade burger my husband makes

What are your must-use supplements?
Cla and Carnitine!

What is your top diet tip?
Prepare your meals in advance, or make extra that night for the day after… I don’t have time to prepare meals daily, so I do try make a few days meals.

What is your top training tip?
Aim for progression. Every week push yourself a little harder… increase your weights, push out as many reps as you can, don’t be fooled into thinking you can do only do 3 sets of 12 reps when you know you can push out more!!!

What will we find in your fridge?
Water, water and more water. Salad mix, yoghurt, fruit

What do you never leave at home when leaving the house?
My gym bag and food LOL

What will we find in your gym bag?
My ipod, training program, skipping rope, lifting straps, sweat towel, water bottle.

Before weight: 79kg
Current weight: 53kg
Age: 38
Children: 3
Career: Miracle worker at Kini Girl

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