4th April 2016
Augusta Leitao
5th April 2016
After my 3rd pregnancy, I gained a horrid 26kg’s, I weighed in at 79kg the day my son was born. I have never ever been this heavy in my entire life! I hardly took any photos as I was so embarrassed by what I looked like, my husband would even ask why I didn’t want to be in family “selfies”, I was just too depressed by what I knew I looked like. I did not like what I saw in the mirror. Considering I only ever weighed 53kg’s, you can imagine the shock and horror to see how different my body looked. Yes, I was pregnant, but… most ladies only put on 12-15kg, so this was almost double what is expected.

I have gone through depression, I have gone through the thought of thinking I’ll be this fat forever, to even having a few friends worry about me, and think to themselves that I’ll never get this weight off. I have managed to lose 20kg’s of the 26kg I gained, and am still working on the losing the rest, but I want to let you ladies know that I know first-hand what it is like to fight a losing battle to want to lose weight. I fight demons everyday within myself; things like – gosh I still look fat, I still have flabby soft skin, I don’t want my husband to see me in the flesh, I can’t go to the gym and leave my kids behind, and so many other factors go through my head every single day. But I am slowly learning that things take time, there are no quick fixes, and with consistency, patience and a positive attitude, I will achieve my goals in terms of getting fit and healthy.

NO, I never want to compete again, but what I do want is to be fit, strong and healthy for my boys. As we all know boys are busy and I need to be able to keep up with them, so they are now my motivation to get back my fitness and strength! I have lived with my motto daily and the results are starting to show… you ALL can be fit, strong and healthy, all you gotta do is ‘believe’! Believe you can do it and of course live by my motto: Get up! Show up! Never Give up!

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