Supashape 12 week challenge winner

Cruze Lee Dreyer!
16th July 2015
Kini Girl office manager Hayley Duckworth soon on maternity leave
16th July 2015

What made you decide to change your lifestyle and body?
I wasn’t happy with the way I looked and after trying to diet on my own, I wanted that extra professional advice.

How did you accomplish your goals?
I focused on wanting to be a winder and pushed myself to my limits.

What did you have to cut out in order to achieve your results? And how did you cope?
All sweet treats, I ended up actually getting over the cravings and loving the diet food I eat.

What kept you motivated? And what still motivates you?
The winning prize! Keeping up my image and bettering myself so other people look up to me and my accomplishments.

What was your biggest hurdle and how did you overcome them?
When my friend wanted to go out drinking or for dinner, I would just order a sprite zero.

What or who motivates you to go to gym on days when you don’t feel like going?
Knowing that every bit of effort to better my body and performance when going to gym.

What was your biggest hurdle and how did you overcome them?
After long working hours and still managing gym after work – I pushed myself to make it a daily routine and a new lifestyle.

What was your overriding motivation to achieve your goal?
I love a challenge and I will take on any challenge that comes my way

What are some of the highs and lows you experienced being a woman in changing your lifestyle?
A low and a high was to assert myself when I was pressured by friends to events that didn’t suit my lifestyle.

What cheats did you have during your lifestyle change and what cheats do you still enjoy?
Sushi and more sushi

How have you progressed? (can be anything from fitness to strength, eating ect.)
I have even designed my own training programme after all I have learned from my gym experiences

Other then the physical changes, what have you found that going through this lifestyle change has helped you in other areas of your life?
Knowing that I can accomplish such a huge goal shows that I can use that for anything in life that comes my way.

How has the NEW YOU changed your life?
It’s made me want to pursue this healthy lifestyle, eating an gymming has no longer become a chore and it’s something I love.

What have you learnt from changing your lifestyle?
Healthy food can taste amazing!

What now after you reached your goals? What are your future health and wellness goals?
I would love to train further and hopefully compete in woman’s physique.

What tips or message would you like to give readers who might be in the same position as you were?
Changing my whole eating lifestyle has made me realise how unhealthy the world is and how everyone should start at a healthy eating lifestyle.

Anything else you would like to add that you think the readers must know?
I found the challenge more mental than physical, if you can set your mind to it – you can accomplish anything.

What is your favorite health food dish?
Egg white frittata

What are your must use supplements?
Supashape Pure whey, CLA and Carnitine Lean. SSN Creatine Monohydrate

What is your top diet tip?
Pre make and prep all meals in advance

What is your top training tip?
Always start with weights and then follow with cardio

What will we find in your fridge?
Woolworths 100g veg packs, egg white bottles, asparagus and ostrich mince made for the week

What do you never leave home when leaving the house?
My water bottle

What will we find in your gym bag?
My gym gloves and training programme


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