Meghan Williamson
26th December 2015
Amanda Botes
26th December 2015
What made you take notice of your unhealthy weight?
I had 3 babies in 4 years. After my 3rd child was born, I woke up one day being 20 kilos overweight. I was unhealthy and unhappy.

How did you feel about your weight?
Being thin my whole life (pre children) I felt unhappy in my own skin. It affected my self image, as well as my confidence.

What did it take to get you on the path to transformation?
I started buying the Fitness Magazine and read a transformation story of one of the Kini-Girls from Tammy Jackson’s Kini-Girl Academy. Immediately knew that this was the tool I needed to change my own body and my life.

How did you start your transformation?
I signed up with Kini-Girl and poured my heart and soul into the program from day 1.

What type of training and/or diet did you follow as part of your transformation?
I followed my eating plans given to me by Tammy “TO THE T”, completely stopped using alcohol, and I started training 5 days a week.

Who helped you along the way, personally and/or professionally?
My coach, Tammy Jackson has been my guide, my conscience, and my inspiration, and my family has been 110% supportive all the way. My husband took on the same lifestyle, and my mother became my training partner. I have been very blessed.

What was your overriding motivation to achieve your goal?
From very soon into my journey I realized that I wanted more than just being in shape. I decided I wanted to compete, and my success with my body and my drive achieved me the position of Team Leader in the Kini-Girl Academy. I decided to make fitness my career.

What did you learn from your recovery/transformation?
I learned that excuses are lies we tell ourselves. Stop making excuses and get to the gym. Stop making excuses and start eating properly (and enough!!). Having 3 children and now being able to compete in Fitness competitions made me realize that there really are NO EXCUSES that are valid.

What message would you like to give readers who might be in the same position as you were?
My advice would be to make the decision to change AND STICK TO IT. When you commit, commit. Throw your entire weight behind your goals and do not stop until you reach them. Make time for yourself, to change, to get healthy and get in shape. It’s so worth it in the end!!

Since you completed the transformation challenge have you made further progress?
Absolutely! I went from being overweight and shapeless to officially competing in Bikini Fitness competitions in just 7 short months! I have many competitions lined up, so I plan to still change considerably in the next year.

Have you achieved anything else noteworthy since your transformation?
YES! I will soon qualify to be be a personal trainer, I have started and run my own Functional Training Facility, and I am now officially a competing Bikini Fitness Athlete. And this is just the start…..

What was the most difficult part of your transformation?
The hardest was to stop using alcohol. The social factor was the hardest. Critique from friends and family with regards to my eating/training/lifestyle habits, was hard to stomach. It was also very hard initially to go from doing ZERO exercise, to training 5 days a week.

How has the experience changed your life?
Getting into shape has catapulted my entire life into a new direction. I feel great, I look great, and that influences every single aspect of my life positively.

Anything else you would like to add that you think the readers need to know?
It is not easy. If it were easy, everybody would be doing it. But it is worth it!

Other than the physical changes, do you find that going through this transformation has changed other areas of your life?
My marriage is stronger because I have become stronger. I have developed an insatiable desire for success, for life, for dreams, and to change other women’s lives the same way mine has changed. I have grown to new heights spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Your favorite health food dish:
Fillet, with baked potato and sour cream

Your favorite training move/routine:

Your must-use supplements:
Supashape CLA
SSN 100% whey
Supashape Daily Vitamin Pack

Your top diet tip:
Eat all your meals and do not skip a single meal. Stay away from Diet pills and fad Diets. The ONLY WAY to get in shape is to exercise and eat healthily!

Before weight: 78kg
After weight: 58kg
Age: Married / Children: 34 years old, Married, 3 children aged 2, 4 and 5
Career: Kini-Girl Team Leader, Owner and trainer of Fitness Factory Studio, Functional Kettlebell Training Facility

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