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5th April 2016
Kirstey Calmeyer
13th May 2016
What made you decided to change your lifestyle and body?
When I got onto the scale it said “This is NOT  A TOY!!! Please get on one at a time!”  ok, so the scale didn’t literally talk to me, but yeah, it hurt seeing 99kg.  I also ended up crying in Foschini once because nothing I tried on looked good.  It was awful.

How did you accomplish your goals?
Hard work, patience, dedication, discipline and having to send a picture of me in a bikini every month to Tammy made a huge difference to my cheating ways!

What did you have to cut out in order to achieve your results? And how did you cope?
Initially, I had to cut out social events.  Then I cut out baking.  And I’m a luxuries addict.  I would literally get to the till and start unpacking all the chocolates and sweets and chips.

I really don’t know how I coped.  Grace and mercy?  LOL.  I had a goal in sight and I kept it in sight.  I also posted pictures everywhere (office, home, bag, wallet) of my dream body.

What kept you motivated? And what still motivates you?
My daughter.  I can run after her and swim with her and play with her and not run out of breath!

My new body (although the goal post keeps shifting…which is a good thing).  I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO BEING A CHUNKY MONKEY!

What was your biggest hurdle and how did you overcome them?
FOOD!  Preparing my food on a Sunday afternoon made a huge difference to my transition.  Fail to prepare?  Prepare to fail.

What or who motivates you to go to gym on days when you don’t feel like going?
My husband.  He is a gym junkie!  He used to be all diplomatic about it (you know, in my “sensitive about being fat stage”), now he is just mean about it L

What was your overriding motivation to achieve your goal?
My need to be happy with how I looked.  Oh, and clothes!!!!  Lots of pretty clothes that didn’t fit in the range of “one man tent”.

What are some of the highs and lows you experienced being a women in changing your lifestyle

High:  all the compliments from people who haven’t seen me in a long time

Low: being demotivated to continue because I am tired and hungry and craving junk

What cheats did you have during your lifestyle change and what cheats do you still enjoy?
Ostrich burger and sweet potato chips…yummy!!!!  Nom nom nom!  And Lindt Mint dark chocolate

How have you progressed? (can be anything from fitness, to strength, eating etc)
I’m become stronger, healthier, fitter, tighter…and flabby!  LOL…my tummy aka Tina the Talking Tummy!  Wtfrikkadel!?  But everyone tells me it goes back to normal, so I’m keeping the faith!

Other than the physical changes, what have you found that going through this lifestyle change has helped you in other areas of your life?

I’m a wife, mother, full-time employee, student and have church duties.  I’ve had to learn to manage my time better to fit everything that I want to do, in one day.  I have more focus and I’m less tired.

How has the NEW YOU changed your life?
Uhm…awesome se…ok, so something’s are to remain private, right?  On a serious note though, people look at me differently, including my husband ;-), I feel more confident (not that I ever lacked confidence) to wear pretty clothes and mentally I’m stronger (you try saying no to Lindt balls 98% of the time!)

What have you learnt from changing your lifestyle?
I can do ALL things!  And it’s not just a Bible verse.  It’s become a reality in my life.

What now after you reached your goals? What are your future health and wellness goals?
I’m not done yet!  I would like to go on stage just once…just to say, “I did it.”

What tips or message would you like to give readers who might be in the same position as you were?
It’s going to be difficult.  There will be days when you don’t feel like eating tuna *shudder*.  You will be sore.  You will be tired.  You will cry.  You will cheat.  BUT!!! It is worth every tear, every “no thank you”, every sore muscle (even toilet legs) and every centimeter you lose.  Do not go give up!

Get up! Show up! Never give up!  And put down those sissy weights!

Anything else you would like to add that you think the readers need to know?

Fe = Iron
Male = Man
Margeaux = Original Iron Man!  hahahahahahahaha

What has Kini-Girl done for you? And what does it mean to you by being a member?
I have a fitness family!  I’ve gotten to know women and their families, their stories, heartaches and victories.  It means I never walk alone (ok, so now I sound like a Liverpool fan), or should I say do walking lunges alone

What is your favorite health food dish?
Ostrich and sweet potato cottage pie… *drooling*

What is your favorite cheat meal?
Ostrich burger and sweet potato fries.

What are your must-use supplements?
I am very sensitive to fat burners, but I take CLA like its chronic medication…

What is your top diet tip?
Prepare.  Prepare your meals. Prepare your training session.  Prepare your day.

What is your top training tip?
Try upping your weights.  You don’t know how strong you really are until you actually pick up that heavier weight.

What will we find in your fridge?
Fresh fruit and vegetables and fat free yoghurt and fat free milk and pre-packed meals and snacks.

What do you never leave at home when leaving the house?
Never leave home without your coolerbag!

What will we find in your gym bag?
Gloves, gym shorts, top, socks, trainers aaaannnndddd my KINI GIRL training programme…

Before weight: 80
Current weight: 64
Age: 31
Children: 1 (Princess Cadence)
Career: Project Manager

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