4th April 2016
4th April 2016
Tammy took 2 years off from training bikini girls to compete due to having had 2 babies under 2 years, but she is back, and with outstanding results already.

On behalf of Kini Girl, we would like to congratulate Sonette Zeele and Kirst Allnutt for both placing 3rd in their relevant height categories in the Bikini Fitness IFBB SA competition held this past weekend, 6th September. Kirst had no coach one week out from SA’s, she was in a terrible emotional state due to the issues she had on hand, but she came out tops and bettered her previously condition with the help of Tammy bringing her personal best to date on stage.

Both Sonette and Kirst are both novice girls meaning this is their first year competing, and to achieve these kinds of results in their first year is truly phenomenal and we are only but glad to see coach Tammy back in action and following her passion for the sport in coaching bikini girls for contest.

Sonette and Kirst both also received an invite to participate in the Olympia Amateur event to be held in the UK, later this year. We are still waiting to hear whether they have accepted the invite, but we do wish them well, and would like to congratulate both girls again for achieving outstanding results.

Tammy has got a team of 12 girls in South Africa and 2 girls in Dubai currently preparing for their shows in 2016 so we are looking forward to seeing how Tammy transforms these ladies lives and bodies to getting onto stage. If you have a goal of wanting to enter a bikini contest and you want to feel part of a close knit family with a loving, and humbled group of ladies, then email us today on and find out more about how to join. Please note though – Tammy is only taking on a total of 20 girls, and you have to fit certain criteria in order to make her team. Don’t delay, email today.

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