11th February 2016
4th April 2016
What made you decided to change your lifestyle and body?
After having kids I wanted to comfortably fit into any type of clothing more especially a bikini.  I have tried several diets which didn’t work because it was more like yo-yo dieting.  I went through my Facebook page one day and I saw pictures of Manisha Ramdhin’s transformation and it left me speechless.  The first thing that went through my mind was if she can do it I can also do it.  I immediately got in touch with her and wanted to know everything about her weight loss and transformation.  She told me about Kini Girl and send me all the information and explained everything in detail to me.

How did you accomplish your goals?
In September 2014 I signed up for a 12 week Supashape Challenge and chose Tammy Dreyer as my coach.  I was very nervous because I didn’t know what to expect but also very excited to begin a new journey.  I joined the closed facebook and whatsapp groups for support and motivation.  I received my training and eating plans few days before the challenge officially started and I managed to google all the recipes and exercises and at that time my biggest support was Manisha because she was just a phone call away and always prepared to assist me.

What did you have to cut out in order to achieve your results? And how did you cope?
I had to put my laziness aside and think of my health as my first priority.  It was very difficult in the beginning because I couldn’t just eat whatever I wanted, I had to follow my coaches’ instructions if I wanted to achieve excellent results. Weekends were also very hard also.  Fast foods, fizzy drinks and red wine were things of the past and I had to focus on becoming healthy & fit.

What kept you motivated? And what still motivates you?
Having 8 screws in my back I had to make a choice to either have constant back pain due to being overweight or to totally change my lifestyle to a fitter & healthier me. Ever since I joined Kini Girl and following all my programs back pain is a thing of the past and when I saw minor changes in my body I just kept pushing and working harder towards my goal.  What still motivates me is to work harder because I really want to compete one day and I know it is possible because I can and will do it

What was your biggest hurdle and how did you overcome them?
I asked myself will I be able to do all of this especially having a full time job and 2 boys (11yrs & 3 then) where will I get the time to prep my food and to train??  The first week was very hectic because we all had to adapt to new changes especially the boys because my 11 year old had to look after his little brother so that my husband could train with me because I am a very shy person and didn’t wanted to train alone.  As time passed I got use to training alone and prepping my food also became easy.  Training in the afternoon was a problem because after 5pm the gym was always full and it annoyed me a lot when you had to wait for a machine or bench.  That is when my husband and I decided that we will sacrifice to get up at 3.50 every morning to train and it worked for us and still does.

What or who motivates you to go to the gym on days when you don’t feel like going?
My husband motivates me a lot because we go to the gym together. I must admit there were a lot of days when I didn’t feel like going to the gym but I forced myself to go because you won’t get the body and results if you don’t work for it!!!

What was your overriding motivation to achieve your goal?
I just wanted to be comfortable in whatever I was wearing more especially a dress and to perfectly fit into a size 32 pants. I always thought I will have huge thighs, a big tummy & bum but with months of training all of it shaped very nice.  After winning my first challenge with Kini Girl in 2015 I was over the moon and I said to myself there is no looking back now.

What are some of the highs and lows you experienced being a women in changing your lifestyle?
The highs were definitely compliments from others because they could also see changes in my body and always encouraged me to continue with my lifestyle…the lows; when people say if a women lifts weights she will get bulky and huge but I say eating junk and not chose to live a healthy life will make you fat and miserable.

What cheats did you have during your lifestyle change and what cheats do you still enjoy?
When I first saw cheats I thought wow, cakes, fizzy drinks, chocolates and all kind of delicious foods, but I was WRONG!!!  By having a cheat was only one cheat meal and not an entire cheat day, and my coach always gave options of cheat meals as per the plan so my favourite cheat meal was fillet steak, baked potato with fat free cottage cheese.

How have you progressed? (Can be anything from fitness to strength, eating, etc)
When I started with this whole lifestyle I was never as fit as I am now, I must also say it made me physically & mentally stronger.  I am not a runner but I ended up doing interval sprints even though I have 2 screws in my ankle.  I had to learn to space out my meals every 2-3 hours and I always looked forward to my next meal.

Other than the physical changes, what have you found that going through this lifestyle change has helped you in other areas of your life?
I have learned how to deal with issues more calmly and I also have the courage to talk to others about my journey, my mind is a lot stronger from overcoming a lot.  A friend told me once that “Anything the mind can believe & conceive it is forced to achieve” I now believe in myself & always put myself first!!!

How has the NEW YOU changed your life?
I am more confident about myself & I’m loving the new ME, I’m also mentally & physically stronger than I was before I started this amazing journey. It did not only changed my life but also the one’s of my family because we learned how to eat healthy and make outdoor activities a lot of fun by going for walks, etc.

What have you learnt from changing your lifestyle?
That nothing is impossible and if you put your mind to something you will achieve it.  Never give up!!!

What now after you reached your goals? What are your future health and wellness goals?
I haven’t completely reached my goals yet I am still in the process of transforming.  This journey has changed my life in so many ways and from here onwards I have to work harder to compete one day

What tips or message would you like to give readers who might be in the same position as you were?
It is never too late to start something or to change your life & nothing is impossible!!!  We all have different challenges in life as well as commitments but if you really want something you will go for it no matter what…there were times when I trained hard and ate clean but I wasn’t happy with the results and YES you do feel discouraged but that didn’t stop me because I told myself; I can & will do better next time; the road to success is not easy so you have to work hard for what you want to achieve.

Anything else you would like to add that you think readers need to know?
On this journey there is no thing as quick fixes or yo-yo dieting, you have to work hard for what you want to achieve.  The transformation does not happen overnight, you must have a lot of patience. There is no such thing as “I CANT” if I could do it so can anyone else!!!

What has Kini-Girl done for you? And what does it mean to you by being a member?
Kini Girl has completely changed my life and thought me the correct foundation of fitness. The day I became a Kini Girl I realised how important it is to know the correct training methods and also to prepare your meals.  I always thought if you train hard you will loose weight and tone nicely but I was wrong.  It was then when I got the bigger picture that eating clean and training goes together. Being a member it feels absolutely great because there is a lot of support from my coach Tammy Dreyer and also the whatsapp and facebook groups & it keeps you on track.  I have also met a lot of ladies on this journey whom I call my fitness sisters  and the support they gave me and still does is wonderful!!!! Our motto is GET UP, SHOW UP & NEVER GIVE UP!!!

What is your favourite health food dish?
Protein pancakes , Ostrich mince, brown rice and mix veggies

What is your favourite cheat meal?
There is quite a few but my favourite cheat meal is mutton breyani.

What are your must-use supplements?
Pure Whey
Carnitine Lean

What is your top diet tip?
Always prep your food, stick to your plan & listen to your coach!!!

What is your top training tip?
I love weight training, I’m not a cardio person but I forced myself to do it because it was always on my plan.

What will we find in your fridge?
Fat free milk & yogurt
A lot of greens, tomatoes
Lean proteins

What do you never leave at home when leaving the house?
Cooler bag with my prepped meals, snacks and water bottles.

What will we find in your gym bag?
Training Programme
Water bottle

Before weight: 77.4
Current weight: 55.2
Age: 33
Children: 3 boys
Career: Senior Indigent Officer (Municipality)

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