Amanda Botes
26th December 2015
14th March 2016
What made you decided to change your lifestyle and body?
After losing some weight on my own during 2012 (weighed 85 at that stage) by doing regular exercise and eating healthier, I needed a boost for the new year. My mindset was positive and I had to find something while the going was good!

How did you accomplish your goals?
I joined IFBB PRO Tammy Dreyer on the Supashape challenge in February 2013. After the challenge, I wasn’t happy with what I achieved and wanted more, so I joined Tammy at Kini Girl, and from there, the results have just spoken for themselves. Prepping is so important. I usually do all my lunches on Saturdays. I shop once a week, so although I don’t prep supper over weekends, I am stocked up for it. Training was important to me. During this year I hardly skipped a session — it just had to be done! Seeing changes, at first only the weight loss and later some muscle lines, made me push harder. I learnt that discipline = success

What did you have to cut out in order to achieve your results? And how did you cope?
Weekends were the hardest. But realized that it was just habit. One is out of week/workday routine, and maybe a bit bored…. So I decided that I just have to break this habit ONCE and prove to myself that I can be good and stick to the meal plan on weekends too. I felt on top of the world, like I achieved something huge. The week which followed was so much easier too because I felt so good and proud.

What kept you motivated? And what still motivates you?
Having a partner to gym with is a major plus. Especially if it is your life partner who trains very hard himself. I have to mention Billy as my biggest motivator. I also have to admit that Coach Tammy is on my mind all the time while training. I often think “would she be proud if she was watching me now?” Results also motivates me. Come photo day, I HAVE TO see a change. Going backwards is not an option

What was your biggest hurdle and how did you overcome them?
Winter! Living in Barkly East with temperatures not reaching double figures during the day. Those months required extra motivation to get 3litres water down and get to the cold gym…. Which brings me to our gym…. There is no gym in our little town in the Eastern Cape Highlands. Billy had a few loose weights, I had a treadmill and spin bike, situated in 3 different places in the house. With me starting weight training, we bought a few extra bars and weights and replaced his bench with a new one with leg extension. We stared at all this, thinking this is not suitable for our bedroom. Next thing we were drawing up plans for a gym. Building commenced end of February while I was on my first 12 Week Challenge with Tammy. Billy built a power-rack. Not feeling like we a have a professional gym as such with all the machines and cables, we called it our “Strong Room”. The other hurdle is also small-town related. Although the meal plan was quite do-able, it was a challenge. Just this morning I did our groceries, new dairy was just being unpacked, but the only cottage cheese was creamed cottage cheese. I very often had to opt for the Supashape meal replacement for my mid-morning and afternoon snack. Main meal protein consisted of Chicken breasts and egg whites, Supashape whey and whenever we went to the city, bought trays of tuna.

What or who motivates you to go to gym on days when you don’t feel like going?
My hubby / gym buddy

What was your biggest hurdle and how did you overcome them?
I really enjoyed my journey this year and felt so good about the life change I made that nothing in particular came to mind when I think of my biggest hurdle. I think I will just leave it at that then 😉

What was your overriding motivation to achieve your goal?
Seeing the changes really motivates me. I never got tired of hearing Billy say how good I’m looking. It really gave me a boost. I am fortunate that he is not shy with the compliments. Having a coach who believed in me and knowing that I have to send in photo’s to Tammy each month and never wanting to disappoint her.

What are some of the highs and lows you experienced being a women in changing your lifestyle?
Highs: As a women it is always nice to get compliments when outsiders start seeing your changes. Living in Barkly East where everyone knows everyone, Friday’s shopping outing (for what it’s worth hahaha) was always an enjoyable time. I appreciated every compliment.
Lows: I’m a woman… need I say more???

What cheats did you have during your lifestyle change and what cheats do you still enjoy?
I enjoy having a nice juicy steak, fat removed, as a cheat meal.

How have you progressed? (can be anything from fitness, to strength, eating etc)
Wow, I changed from a chubby girl to a wanna-be-stage-girl. Seriously considering competing in 2014.

Other than the physical changes, what have you found that going through this lifestyle change has helped you in other areas of your life?
I have a very positive outlook on life. Even my posture has changed. So much more confidence.

How has the NEW YOU changed your life?
Confidence! I look at over-weight people, and I just want to tell them “I can help you”; “I don’t look down on you — I was there too.”

What have you learnt from changing your lifestyle?
I have learnt so much. I have much more discipline and understand the balance between weight training and cardio; a healthy mealplan and also what a having cheatmeal in moderation means for your body.

What now after you reached your goals? What are your future health and wellness goals?
For as long as finances can allow, I will continue with Kini-Girl. At the moment my focus is on competing in 2014 which means getting a bit leaner and training intensely.

What tips or message would you like to give readers who might be in the same position as you were?
Get up, Show up, Never give up!

Anything else you would like to add that you think the readers need to know?
I have to mention that our Whatsapp group is very supporting. They are an amazing bunch. I have made fantastic friendship bonds.

What has Kini-Girl done for you? And what does it mean to you by being a member?
Being a member keeps me on track. I feel that I am not yet ready to stand on my own feet, not having a coach or the support group. The monthly plans are fantastic. I wait in anticipation every new month.

What is your favorite health food dish?
Cottage Cheese, fruit and whey powder. Yum!

What is your favorite cheat meal?
Big juicy steak

What are your must-use supplements?
Cytoguard. My favourite flavour: Apple

What is your top diet tip?
Plan and Stick to your plan!

What is your top training tip?
Show up! Pushing till failure. Going max. I keep a book with all the exercises and the weights I use.

What will we find in your fridge?
There will always be freshly made salad. Fatfree milk (love my coffee) Cottage cheese. Chilies.

What do you never leave at home when leaving the house?
Packed mid-morning and afternoon snack as on mealplan.

What will we find in your gym bag?
What that? I step out of the kitchen and into our gym aka Strong Room.


Before weight: 71kg
Current weight: 52
Age: 39
Children: 3
Career: Self employed, family printing business

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