4th April 2016
Roasted cauliflower with a kick
5th April 2016
I always dreamed of losing weight, but never could do this diet thing, as it makes you starve and crave all the things you are not allowed to have. Not having much of a sweet tooth, as I’m diabetic, I always enjoyed the salty stuff, Simba Chips and savouries and of course a diabetic canderel chocolate now and again. I also didn’t eat much and very seldom. I would have my oats or all bran in the morning and then a light/small supper at night, as I would munch on my salt and vinegar chips through the day or mostly nothing at all, but non the less, that was my day. My Daughter begged me to eat healthier and at the right times, as my insulin levels was always up and down. She even begged me to follow her eating plans, just to get an idea of what clean and healthy eating was all about, but I refused and just carried on as normal, although I saw how she lost 16kg on the Supashape Challenge in 2014 with Tammy Dreyer as her coach and dietician at Kini Girl, I thought it was impossible for me, as I don’t gym like she does, I can barely walk with her in the mall, without getting tired or having excruciating back pain, due to several back operations and having 8 screws in my back.

Then My life changing story began on the 28th August 2015, when I was diagnosed with heart failure and scheduled for a quadruple bypass on the 3rd of September 2015, after having numerous heart attacks in 2015, which I was not even aware of, due to being diabetic, overweight, having high blood pressure, as well as high cholesterol. This was a Huge and a very Loud wake up call for me and decided, that if I want to live another year/years, I have to change my lifestyle and eating habits and maybe just listen to my daughter Zanné for once in my life.

After my heart surgery, I lost 8kg in hospital alone, due to not having an appetite and being fed through a tube, which I don’t recommend to anyone, as it makes you weak in every sense. My daughter moved back home for 3months to take care of me and taught me that eating right, clean and healthy is not a curse, bad tasting or unsatisfying as everyone thinks and makes it out to be, also that you don’t need to go to a gym to lose weight. Zanné also did another 12week Supashape Challenge in October 2015 and her father, Hendry 58 years of age, decided to follow her meal plan only, with his cycling routine and lost 14kg in 12weeks.

I lost another 6kg and loads of cm in my 3months recovering, by just eating healthy foods at the right time. I went from a size 26 top and 24pants to a size 20 top and 18 pants, that is a total of 14kg in 4months! You have no idea how good this makes me feel, I get on the scale every week, just to keep track of my weight, especially after a not so healthy week, but it motivates you to get right back on track and before you know it, I lost what I’ve picked up. I have much more energy, self confidence, pride and the desire to live healthy. Yes, I do still get cravings for the unhealthy stuff, but instead of my Simba Chips, I’d rather have marmite and white low fat cheese or cottage cheese and cucumber, with salt and pepper on a slice of cracker bread for a snack, but the cravings are much less than what they use to be.

Thank you Tammy for teaching my daughter on healthy eating, so she could teach me and my husband as well.


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