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12 week challenge update
21st June 2015
Kini Mamma
21st June 2015
If there is something I’ve learnt being a personal trainer, online or one-on-one is the fact that women feel they don’t deserve “ME TIME”, or say they have “NO ME TIME”, or that they’re Moms who run after their children all day and have no time for anything… this is NOT what we call a well-balanced lifestyle… so hopefully these little “Five F’s” will help you create a balance in your life. I too, have recently lost sight of what is important, and whilst we all push things aside in our busy lives can be a challenge in making sure we don’t lose sight of what is important to us…

This should be no. 1 on the list because it is God who blessed us with the ability to appreciate life and the other Five F’s I’m about to mention. We need to remember that it is through “Him” that all things are possible, so going to gym for example is because “He” made it possible for us. I would like encourage you to attend Church on a Sunday morning, sit in prayer daily thanking “Him” for all you have, and doing your best to live in a way that glorifies “Him” whether at work, home, or whilst you exercise. Putting this to practice is an on-going challenge.

I believe everyone would put their family towards the top of their list, but unfortunately work and other interests can distract us from giving our families the time they deserve. With 2 and a 3rd on the way children I have made it a goal to regularly spend 1:1 time with each child as well as with my husband. It’s about more than having dinner together and about working to continually be aware and available to their needs.

And I am NOT talking about friends on social media! Those do not count! I am talking about friends who contribute in our lives daily to help make us stronger spiritually and physically. It’s those who stay in touch and who believe in us and challenge us more than we would on our own… These are the people who contribute to our life more than they take away.

This is challenging for me. We’re talking about Personal and Career finance. For some, the goal with personal finance may mean trying to live within budget and for others it might be about managing investments. Setting career goals may come easy for some while trying to find one may be very different for others.

This may come to a shock for you that this is last, but it is not to suggest that this is the least important, by starting each day with a training session and a prayer, I have a sense of accomplishment and peace that helps me face the challenges that are sure to come. Getting into shape are great goals but it is the training, like prayer, that must be done on a regular basis to strengthen our spirit and body.
I am going to focus on these Five F’s each day to become a better ME… having someone who holds me accountable, and acknowledging that it is not about achieving “balance” as the goal but rather continually working to make adjustments so as to not lose sight of what is important for me.

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