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Welcome to Kini Girl!

Kini-Girl was founded in 2012 by Tammy Dreyer who has been personal training for over a decade and is a well-known and recognised personal trainer and athlete. She holds multiple SA Bikini Champion Titles, and worked hard to achieve and become the first South African Bikini Professional Athlete for the IFBB Bodybuilding Federation.

Kini Girl is an international personal training business offering both one-on-one and online personal training. Tammy has great success with her clients ranging from business executives, housewives, Mommy’s to be, teenagers, clients with medical or health conditions to those who wish to enter bikini competitions. Tammy too has great success with various 12 week online challenges with a number of winners.

Tammy as a woman, and having gained 30kg’s recently, knows and understands what you as a woman needs and wants. Tammy will show you and teach you all you need to know about becoming a healthier you and live in your best body. The best investment one can make is in their health. If you are willing to invest in your health and live with vitality – you have come to the right person.

Tammy will help you understand the value of nutrition and correct exercise combinations in order for you to achieve your ultimate health goals. If your goal is to lose weight – we can help you. If your goal is to feel confident in your own skin – we can help you. If your goal is to be a fit “Mommy to be” – we can help you. If your goal is to lose your pregnancy weight – we can help you. If you are a teenager or have a teenager looking for healthy guidance to follow – we can help you. If you want to take the plunge and enter bikini competitions – we can help you. So there is no limit… whatever your health goal is – we can help! BUT – you have to be willing to make that investment first.

After all, her motto for life is “GET UP! SHOW UP! NEVER GIVE UP!”



  • Weight 100%

  • Contest 100%

  • Pregnancy 100%

  • Teen Fitness100%

  • Wedding Fitness100%

  • 12 week body challenges100%

IFBB PRO TAMPA BAY – 8th Place, Miss Bikini

IFBB BIKINI PRO – 15th December
IFBB AMATEUR WORLDS – 3rd place, Miss Bikini
MS MUSCLE EVOLUTION GRAND PRIX – 1st Place, Miss Fitness Bikini
MS IFBB SA – 1st Place, Miss Fitness Bikini
MS IFBB NATAL – 1st Place, Miss Fitness Bikini
MS IFBB OLYMPIA AMATEUR – 1st Place, Miss Bikini

MS IFBB GRAND PRIX – 1st Place, Miss Bikini
MS IFBB SA – 1st Place, Miss Bikini
MS NABBA SA – 1st Place, Miss Bikini

MS FITNESS CPT – 3rd place, Miss Fitness
IFBB NATAL Open -1st place, Miss Fitness
TOP15 USN Face of Fitness Cover (For Fitness Magazine SA)

FAME REGIONAL – 2nd place, Miss Figure
FAME REGIONAL – 3rd place, Miss Fitness Model
IFBB Natal Open – 1st place, Miss Fitness
IFBB SA Open – 2nd place, Miss Fitness

IFBB INTER GYM – 1st place, Miss Physique
IFBB NATAL NOVICE – 1st place, Miss Physique
IFBB SA NOVICE – 1st place, Miss Figure
IFBB NATAL OPEN – 4th place, Miss Body Fitness
IFBB SA OPEN – 1st place, Miss Figure


All About Tammy

I was born, 20 November 1978, in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. I have a younger brother, and two step-brothers whom I grew up with from the age of 5 and for as long as I can remember, I have always been sporty.

During the summer months, you would only find me in the pool training and swimming galas, and during the winter periods, you would find me on the athletics track or badminton court. Being the only girl amongst 3 boys, I was often outside climbing trees and riding bike as I was not into dolls and puzzles much. After I matriculated, I stopped my sport for a few years; I guess the teenage rebel inside of me only came through after school.

A new chapter in my life happened, when I gave birth to a beautiful daughter in the year 2000. My rebel years came to an abrupt end, and I started to enjoy being a “mom” even though I was so young. I worked for a few years in for an IT company, and in 2006, I decided it was time for me to get back my fitness. I joined the gym, but didn’t know what I was doing. I was spotted by Naiem Ally who at that time was the chairman of the IFBB (International Federation of Body Building) in Kwazulu Natal. He managed to convince me to train with him and his lovely wife Heidi Ally, and start competing in the bodybuilding sport. I was one of those girls who were terrified to enter not only the stage for the first time, but to get involved in Body Building due to the “stigma” attached to it… BIG MUSCLES is all I saw… how naïve I was. I entered my first figure show, won that line up, and due to my competitive nature, the bug had bitten me straight away… I wanted to explore more. I won 3 shows that year including the IFBB SA Novice.

I enjoyed seeing what my body was capable of doing, and decided I wanted to know and understand more, so I joined Reebok Alliance and studied various group training principles from, spinning, to step and aerobics. I then opened up my own little club in Montclair teaching group classes of which was great fun. I enjoyed it so much, that I wanted to further my studies and gain even more knowledge, and that’s when I signed up with ETA to study my personal trainers diploma. I resigned from the IT company I worked at for 6years, and took a chance in personal training, and have never looked back since.

In 2007, because of my better understanding of the human body, I was even hungrier for the challenge and the win on stage again, so I decided to enter the “Fitness” division which included the 2min fitness routines incorporating the flexibility, power moves, gymnastic skills and dance, placing 1st at the regional event and 2nd at the SA event.

I took 2008 off due to a shoulder and hip injury and loosing my dad to pneumonia which meant I was not focused on training and competing, and returned back on the scene in 2009 in the “Fitness” division, however, I could feel the strength had deteriorated which resulted in only competing in the our regional’s placing 1st.

I have to say that 2010 and 2011 have been my best years to date. I decided to enter the IFBB “BIKINI” Division, and took the stage, placing first in each of the IFBB events, and becoming the overall undefeated IFBB bikini champion in South Africa to date.

March 2011, saw me competing at the MS IFBB Amateur Olympia in London where I placed 1st in the Bikini division. I qualified to enter the IFBB Amateur World Championships held in Serbia, October 2011, where I placed 3rd in the bikini division. After my achievements in 2011, I qualified and received my PRO card, which meant I qualified to enter in the professional league events which are only in the United States of America currently.

In 2012, I competed for the first time in a Pro show, the TAMPA Pro, and I placed 8th out of all the top Olympia Pro girls, and as much as I set myself a goal of placing top 5, I was not disappointed by any means because I learnt so much from the that show, and absorbed all I could. Meeting the top Pro’s in the world was my dream come true and standing next to them on stage was an even bigger dream that came true for me.

I am often asked “how did I become so successful?” The answer is simple… read my motto… “Get Up, Show Up, and Never Give Up”. In 2010, I was let down with people I thought wanted to see me succeed, but, I held onto the people that mattered most, the people who supported me 100%, and through this support and never giving up is how I became successful.

In 2013, I decided it was time for a break, and focussed on building my family. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in December, and since then my priorities changed. My focus was now being a good Mom and a good online coach helping ladies all over the world become confident and enjoy getting shape. I then had an itch to compete again, but then in 2015, I found out I was pregnant and had another baby boy in June which is such a Blessing and I am thrilled to be a Mom for the 3rd time. Whether I will come back to stage again, remains a mystery at this stage.

Being a Mom and wife and business owner, I can relate to ‘normal’ people (I say normal because people think I’m not normal LOL), and know the excuses that can come up with not having time to take care of your health, so because of my passion for the health and fitness industry, my vision now is to be a positive influence on ladies all over the world and help them understand the true value of being fit and healthy and not feeling guilty to make it a priority in their life.