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Welcome to Kini Girl. Get up, show up, and never give up!

Kini-Girl was founded in 2012 by Tammy Dreyer who has been personal training for over a decade and is a well-known and recognised personal trainer and athlete. She holds multiple SA Bikini Champion Titles, and worked hard to achieve and become the first South African Bikini Professional Athlete for the IFBB Bodybuilding Federation.

Kini Girl is an international personal training business offering both one-on-one and online personal training. Tammy has great success with her clients ranging from business executives, housewives, Mommy’s to be, teenagers, clients with medical or health conditions to those who wish to enter bikini competitions. Tammy too has great success with various 12 week online challenges with a number of winners.

Tammy as a woman, and having gained 30kg’s recently, knows and understands what you as a woman needs and wants. Tammy will show you and teach you all you need to know about becoming a healthier you and live in your best body. The best investment one can make is in their health. If you are willing to invest in your health and live with vitality – you have come to the right person.

Tammy will help you understand the value of nutrition and correct exercise combinations in order for you to achieve your ultimate health goals. If your goal is to lose weight – we can help you. If your goal is to feel confident in your own skin – we can help you. If your goal is to be a fit “Mommy to be” – we can help you. If your goal is to lose your pregnancy weight – we can help you. If you are a teenager or have a teenager looking for healthy guidance to follow – we can help you. If you want to take the plunge and enter bikini competitions – we can help you. So there is no limit… whatever your health goal is – we can help! BUT – you have to be willing to make that investment first.

After all, her motto for life is “GET UP! SHOW UP! NEVER GIVE UP!”

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Workout Program for Beginners

60 Days to a Healthier You

60 days of learning to create a new healthier lifestyle

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General Lifestyle Program

Cost effective program to lose weight

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Not for sissies

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Taking your health and fitness to the stage in bikini contests

Pregnancy Health & Fitness

Step by step guide being a Fit Mommy

Teen Health & Fitness

Gentle approach in helping teens lead a fit and healthy lifestyle

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Preparing to look gorgeous on your special day

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