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Welcome to Kini Girl. Get up, show up, and never give up!

Kini Girl was founded in 2012 offering online personal training to help ladies lose weight and get into great shape, help ladies become healthier and fitter during their pregnancy, and teaching teenagers to make healthier food choices, to helping those wanting to enter Bikini contests, making it all worth the experience.

It is run by our very first South African Bikini Pro, Tammy Dreyer, who has been competing and personal training since 2006. She has gained a vast amount of experience regarding what works for women, and what doesn’t. Tammy is also a well-known personal trainer in South Africa, and is an Accredited 12 week online challenge coach having had a few winners in the process. Tammy has worked with many clients ranging from business executives, housewives, and athletes, to those who need to change their lifestyles due to illness.

Kini Girl has been designed to help ANY lady, in ANY part of the world.

Tammy saw a need to help ladies understand the value of nutrition, supplementation and correct exercise combinations in order for them to reach their health and fitness goals; whether to gain confidence in wearing a bikini around family and friends on the beach or pool; staying fit and healthy whilst pregnant, getting your body back after having your baby, prepping girls for bikini contests, to helping teenagers understand the values in healthy eating and exercise.

The main focus of Kini Girl is to build a reputation of the ladies in positive, healthy and fun way, not mention building life-time friendships and keeping them motivated whilst working towards a goal.

Tammy wants to teach others how to live a healthy life by creating a balance and not feeling like you have to choose getting into shape over socialising. Her aim is to encourage everyone: no matter how many times you fall, you can get back up and make progress!

After all, her motto for life is “GET UP! SHOW UP! NEVER GIVE UP!”

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